LED screen hire South Wales

LED Screen

At iStadia we have a team of installers to work with small or large installations, we pride ourselves on having all the services we require in-house, not relying on outside contractors and the problems that inevitably come with them.

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LED Perimiter

Perimeter Board advertising is the must have accessory for your sporting fixture. Capturing eyes on your key sponsors and delivering exceptional value to your sponsors, for one day or all season being able to update from fixture to fixture advertising the latest campaign in dazzling bright lights.

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Digital Signage

The latest growth area for the screen sector, we have a wealth of experience in providing both large 1000 signage networks nationwide to a handful of signage displays in a forward thinking school. Capture your audience and get your message across with very cost effective methods to fulfil all your needs and more.

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Want to stream all the latest content around your facility or ground? Watch on-demand services in different locations all at the same time? Welcome to the IPTV revolution. We at iStadia are proud to of fully installed and commissioned a very high end sporting stadia with full IPTV functionality from full infrastructure deployment of copper, fibre and power to mounting displays and commissioning and maintaining the system. Hotel’s, Corporate facility and hospitality are just some of the areas that IPTV work for, Contact us to discuss your project.